Knitted Poppies Patterns

There is still a little time to knit for the artworks.  Poppies in red, black, pink or white in this Ribbed Knitted Poppy can be sent c/o Paula Urlich, Whangarei Central Library, Private Bag 9006, Whangarei 0148 to arrive by 22nd April at the latest.

We have realized that with a project this big it is impossible to thank everyone individually. It's a massive team effort and to every single person who is helping in any way, we thank you wholeheratedly on behalf of the RSA, The Starship Foundation and NZ Warbirds.

Could you give up just one coffee and make a $5 donation instead? Encourage your workplace to do the same and see how much you can collect. Choose a day anytime up to 22nd April 2021.

Sponsor the Poppy Flight

If you have a business to promote, why not sponsor the Poppy Flight. Decide what level of support you can give and reap the rewards. Your marketing budget should cover it and what better way to spend it? Contact us for details.

Why not bake for a morning or afternoon tea. Charge your guests for their serve of delicious treats and their money will help someone in need. A social gathering for a great cause.

Poppy Flight Facebook

Can you help by liking & sharing our Facebook page? Keep up with the news and see how the project is progressing. Share and tag as many friends as possible to get this post moving.      LINK TO FACEBOOK